Reading Tweets Using Python

We'll see how to read tweets using Python and prepare them for plotting. Warning, this is a code heavy post!

8 minute read

Exploring Rude Britannia

After plotting some rude tweets in Rude Britannia, I think it will be fun for us to take a gentle stroll around rude Britain, pausing to look every so often when something catches our eye.

7 minute read

Rude Britannia

Let's plot some rude tweets on a map using R! This post contains some offensive language...

8 minute read

Growing a Lorenz Butterfly in R

The Lorenz equations spawned the term 'Butterfly Effect'. They are a set of mathematical equations that display chaotic behaviour (and produce some pretty graphs). The equations model atmospheric convection for given starting states in x,y,z and for a set of constants σ, ρ, β. I'll vary ρ to see how a Lorenz butterfly grows.

4 minute read

Toy Sailing Model

Boat races involve sailing around a series of marks. The boat that gets around all the marks fastest wins. On my computer I’ve built some boats, trained a few tacticians and even created wind – everything we need for a race!

4 minute read

Testing Investment Funds with a Monte Carlo Simulation

Fund managers pride themselves on their ability to beat the stock market. When we see a managed fund out performing the market, you might think it’s good and that you should add your savings into it, but should you?

2 minute read